Welcome to Land Notification!

Welcome to Land Notification!

Monitor and Protect Your Most Valuable Assets from Fraud - It's Free!

Real estate and mortgage fraud are growing crimes in America today. Land Notification alerts help property owners prevent fraud by providing them with information about documents being recorded against the name, business or property. Each time there is recording activity on a specific property or name, an email is generated, notifying the appropriate person of this activity.

This service is a great opportunity for property owners in Outagamie County to use. It is a free service that allows you to monitor and protect your most valuable assets.

How it Works

The Land Notification System gives you the ability to monitor a name or property for real estate activity. You can create one or more alerts that are triggered when real estate records are recorded with Outagamie County for names identified in the alert.

Once a day, the system will perform a search on all real estate documents that have been recorded and verified by this department. The search will include only information from the time you registered, forward. When an alert is triggered, an email will be sent to the email address provided at the time you registered for this service. This email will contain more information about the activity and will have a link to our county property records system. Please understand, when subscribing for this service, common names like "John Smith" may produce many results.

Things to Know:

What do I need to sign up for this free service?
You will need an email account with Google or Yahoo to sign up for Land Notification alerts.

Will I receive unwanted emails?
You will receive an email only when a document with the name you provided is recorded in the official real estate records. You can unsubscribe to the service at any time.

How do I subscribe for land notification alerts?
To sign up for alerts, click on the "new users" button below.

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