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LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents. With LandShark, you can search for land record documents and, if the document is available on our system, actually view the document on your computer.

This website contains information on Notices of Federal Tax Lien and other lien documents that is not identical in content to documents presented to this office by IRS.  Therefore, the results of a search of this indexing system cannot be relied upon in judicial or administrative proceedings related to title or transfer of property, including but not limited to searches relative to sales of property and foreclosure proceedings, in determining ownership interests in property on which a Notice of Federal Tax Lien attaches.  For assistance in obtaining a copy of the required document as filed by IRS, please contact Sarah Van Camp or Mary Keehn of this office at 920-832-5095.  Copies of recorded documents may be obtained only from this office for which the search was conducted.


LandShark is designed to be used by two different types of users: Occasional users and Daily users:

  • Occasional Users: LandShark has an Internet option for the Occasional User working in the real estate related business. If you do not have a good real estate background, you are best advised to visit the office of your local register of deeds and get assistance to locate your documents. If you do have a good real estate background, you will have no difficulty using LandShark. Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system. If you are interested in searching the real estate records in the Outagamie County Office of the County Recorder, click Occasional LandShark.
  • Daily Users: LandShark is an Internet access program designed for title insurance firms and other real estate related firms that operate in Wisconsin and need daily access to the land records in the Outagamie County Recorder office. If your real estate related firm needs only occasional access, or if your computer expertise is limited, please consider using Occasional LandShark instead. Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system. If you represent a Wisconsin firm interested in searching the real estate records in the Outagamie County Office of the County Recorder on a daily basis, click Daily LandShark.
Access to, and use of, this web service is subject to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer and all applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations governing copyrights and trademarks.

Regular business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 - 4:30.  

Real Estate Recordings received after 4:00, will be recorded the next business day

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For our online tract book index 

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Parcel Numbers are required on all documents presented for recording per Outagamie County Ordinance Number I-2017-18.

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Grantor/Grantee (search by name) Indexes start in January, 1991

The index/image is not construed to be true & complete; rather, it is a working copy subject to error, omission & future modification.

Please check the MISCELLANEOUS INDEX in the ROD office (and posted to ColorTract thru the end of February 2022) for documents that contain vague legal descriptions or legal descriptions too extensive to be posted in the tract index (i.e., Railroad documents after 12/12/1988, street vacations, annexations, certificates of incorporation, easements that cover multiple parcels over a large area, etc.) 

 Examples of Documents that are NOT entered in the tract index: 

  • Assignment of Easement recorded 11/9/2000 as Document No. 1385887
  • Transfer of Easement Rights recorded 8/5/2004 as Document No. 1626068
  • Village of Greenville Certificate of Incorporation recorded 1/25/2021 as Document No. 2221584, and Certificate of Boundary Line Change recorded 7/13/2021 as Document No. 2240779


NOTICE:  Outagamie County currently has a third party working on a back indexing project for documents recorded from 1979-1989.  Information will appear in the index, but we are unable to confirm its accuracy until we verify the entries.   As always, please do not rely on the index for searching purposes and refer to the original document for the most accurant information.  The Tract Index as well as the Grantor/Grantee Index books can be found in ColorTract for the most accurate searching information.

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